Day 3 – Starting Good Habits

Resting after her homemade diet

Libby Chilling

Good habits are already forming. We got a lot more sleep last night. I got up with Libby at 2 am for a potty break. I should have listened to her a little earlier because she actually moved her blanket and made a mess. So I had some cleaning to do in the middle of the night but then she slept through until 8am when I actually went to check on her because I didn’t think she could be sleeping that long.

Today she was very hungry. I guess the tummy troubles are over. I gave her a little aloe vera gel to help settle her tummy. She was very active today and so far she has not had any accidents in the house today. It takes a little work but letting her out on a schedule seems to be working out fine.

My developing good habits helps her to develop good habits. She has pretty much had free range in the house today. I only confined her to the kitchen,  dining room area twice when I couldn’t keep an eye on her. We did a little practice with sit today. She’s very eager for treats so that makes it easier and fun for her.

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