Day 4

Libby is doing great with her crate. She actually slept through the night and wasn’t anxious to get out of it this morning. I had to check the crate to make sure it was clean in case I slept through her crying, but no it was clean. . I was so 2013-12-17 10.40.57surprised that right from day 1 it’s her preferred place to sleep. Well actually my knee might be her first choice but the crate is a firm second. I was so tempted to let her sleep with us but I’m glad I didn’t now. This will be safer and when I need a babysitter it will make it easier on Libby.

She is getting more and more playful each day. We’ve been doing a little sit and down practicing. She acted just a little shy of visitors yesterday so I’ll have to make sure I get her out and socialize. I like to let visitors give her a few treats so she knows they are friends.


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