Day 2

Well Libby didn’t do too bad for her first night sleeping here. She slept til about 3 am and then  I took her out for a pee. Asleep with her friendShe woke up a few times after that briefly but I finally got up with her at 5 am. That is far too early for me but after an hour or so she settled down again so we survived it anyway. I was anxious to start her on her new homemade diet but her stomach is a little unsettled so I’ll have to hold off for a few days.  I got a few videos of her playing so she seems to be feeling pretty good.

I took her up to visit my elderly in-laws today. they were very pleased to meet her and she sat very quietly with my mother-in-law(who has Alzheimer’s).  I am hoping to take her into nursing homes to bring a little happiness to the folks there. She needs another set of needles first though.

It’s really too cold out to take her out to play but when she does go out for potty breaks she seems to enjoy whatever she finds out there. I’ll have to watch her like a hawk as everything goes in her mouth, like all babies.

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