Libby’s First Day – The New Puppy

Just arrived at Little Ridge

Libby – The new puppy.

Today is Dec 13th. I finally get to go and get my new puppy at 9:00 am as she is 8 weeks old today. I have visited her a few times at the breeders and now she will get to come home. She did pretty good in the car, only crying for about 3 minutes out of a 25 minute drive. She is just so sweet I wondered how I would be able to do anything else but play with her.

I was able to keep ahead of the toilet training by taking her out as soon as she woke up from her naps. Her first in the house accident was at 8pm because I was on the phone and didn’t get off in time. Oh well , there will be plenty more of those. I know that I am the one that’s being trained here. She hasn’t figured it out quite yet.

I thought that she may be missing her mom and brother but she seems to be quite happy. She is getting lot’s of attention. I introduced her to her pen by putting pieces of food in there, I was happy to see her later in the day pick up one of her toys and drag it in there to have a nap. No coaxing from me.

In the photo she is wearing a collar that Melodie Mills made her, with a bow on the back. Pretty cute! She has a matching hair bow too but not quite enough hair to put it in yet.