Day 5

Today we took Libby for her first car ride since she came home .  She cried for a few minutes when she first got in the car but after she got used to it a little she settled down. She has a doggy visitor too because I am doggy sitting for my sister so maybe he helped her to realize there was nothing to be afraid of.


As for her diet she get’s mostly commercial dog food with no corn,  wheat, or soy. I also check the label to make sure it has NO


If you don’t recognize the name of something on the bag you can always google it and make sure it isn’t poisonous. Many are these are banned from human foods in Canada but I guess manufacturers don’t mind if our pets get cancer. She will also get something fresh every day. On busy days it may just be a little Kefir on her food.

Ice Storm

Well the ice continues to build outside Libby is having fun and always on the lookout for new things to explore, inside and out. She loves the snow but the layer of ice on top of it make it tricky for her to bury her face in it. It doesn’t stop her from trying though. We have also had some doggy company for a few weeks so Libby is learning how to get along with a big dog. At first she was pretty nervous around him but it didn’t take her long to decide he was okay and she went right from that to tormenting him. She crouches down and pounces at him. He is not at all impressed. He is not sure what to do when she steals his bed either, but he does seem to like her and even tried to get her into a game.
She is growing so fast. Her playing is getting more aggressive. She’s learned how to use the squeaker on some of them so they are getting more noisy too.