Day 4

Libby is doing great with her crate. She actually slept through the night and wasn’t anxious to get out of it this morning. I had to check the crate to make sure it was clean in case I slept through her crying, but no it was clean. . I was so 2013-12-17 10.40.57surprised that right from day 1 it’s her preferred place to sleep. Well actually my knee might be her first choice but the crate is a firm second. I was so tempted to let her sleep with us but I’m glad I didn’t now. This will be safer and when I need a babysitter it will make it easier on Libby.

She is getting more and more playful each day. We’ve been doing a little sit and down practicing. She acted just a little shy of visitors yesterday so I’ll have to make sure I get her out and socialize. I like to let visitors give her a few treats so she knows they are friends.


Day 3 – Starting Good Habits

Resting after her homemade diet

Libby Chilling

Good habits are already forming. We got a lot more sleep last night. I got up with Libby at 2 am for a potty break. I should have listened to her a little earlier because she actually moved her blanket and made a mess. So I had some cleaning to do in the middle of the night but then she slept through until 8am when I actually went to check on her because I didn’t think she could be sleeping that long.

Today she was very hungry. I guess the tummy troubles are over. I gave her a little aloe vera gel to help settle her tummy. She was very active today and so far she has not had any accidents in the house today. It takes a little work but letting her out on a schedule seems to be working out fine.

My developing good habits helps her to develop good habits. She has pretty much had free range in the house today. I only confined her to the kitchen,  dining room area twice when I couldn’t keep an eye on her. We did a little practice with sit today. She’s very eager for treats so that makes it easier and fun for her.

Day 2

Well Libby didn’t do too bad for her first night sleeping here. She slept til about 3 am and then  I took her out for a pee. Asleep with her friendShe woke up a few times after that briefly but I finally got up with her at 5 am. That is far too early for me but after an hour or so she settled down again so we survived it anyway. I was anxious to start her on her new homemade diet but her stomach is a little unsettled so I’ll have to hold off for a few days.  I got a few videos of her playing so she seems to be feeling pretty good.

I took her up to visit my elderly in-laws today. they were very pleased to meet her and she sat very quietly with my mother-in-law(who has Alzheimer’s).  I am hoping to take her into nursing homes to bring a little happiness to the folks there. She needs another set of needles first though.

It’s really too cold out to take her out to play but when she does go out for potty breaks she seems to enjoy whatever she finds out there. I’ll have to watch her like a hawk as everything goes in her mouth, like all babies.

Libby’s First Day – The New Puppy

Just arrived at Little Ridge

Libby – The new puppy.

Today is Dec 13th. I finally get to go and get my new puppy at 9:00 am as she is 8 weeks old today. I have visited her a few times at the breeders and now she will get to come home. She did pretty good in the car, only crying for about 3 minutes out of a 25 minute drive. She is just so sweet I wondered how I would be able to do anything else but play with her.

I was able to keep ahead of the toilet training by taking her out as soon as she woke up from her naps. Her first in the house accident was at 8pm because I was on the phone and didn’t get off in time. Oh well , there will be plenty more of those. I know that I am the one that’s being trained here. She hasn’t figured it out quite yet.

I thought that she may be missing her mom and brother but she seems to be quite happy. She is getting lot’s of attention. I introduced her to her pen by putting pieces of food in there, I was happy to see her later in the day pick up one of her toys and drag it in there to have a nap. No coaxing from me.

In the photo she is wearing a collar that Melodie Mills made her, with a bow on the back. Pretty cute! She has a matching hair bow too but not quite enough hair to put it in yet.